Channel360 FAQs

Have a look at the common questions that are asked about the Channel360 platform.

My campaigns are showing as failed after sending a broadcast, why?

The reason could be the following: All sends failed after broadcasting a campaign.(fix it)

  • Use of incorrect CSV file or subscriber data not populating the group correctly.

  • Double-check that subscriber data matches the required format and is properly associated with the group.

Try to send the campaign again otherwise if the problem persists email our support team to assist with troubleshooting.

Why am I not receiving the OTP?

Let's go through the following steps:

  1. Ensure the you have completed the sign-up process correctly.

  2. Verify if the you have an advanced firewall that's blocking the OTP emails.

  3. Check your spam/trash folders for the OTP email.

If you are still struggling, please contact our support team for further assistance:

Why did my broadcast fail?

It could be for a number of reasons like:

  • If the subscriber is out of network range or if they're no longer using WhatsApp as a communication platform.

  • The message template could be on pause which could be for the following reasons:

    • The broadcast was sent and is being reported by a large amount of subscribers.

    • The reading rates are low which rates the message template as Low Quality.

    • Meta can also suspect that the template is spamming customers.

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