What are Conversations, and how to use them

What are Conversations?

A conversation encompasses all messages exchanged over a 24-hour period, beginning with the first business message and concluding a day later.

WhatsApp has 2 types of conversations, they are:

Business-initiated Conversations: Which happens when the business starts communicating with the customers.

Customer-initiated Conversations: Which is initiated once the customer reaches out to the business for support or for more information.

There are 2 different roles you'll take notice of in this document, which are appUser and appMaker.

To start using the conversation api you must create a webhook that at least includes the trigger "message:appMaker " which gives the App User ID.

The trigger is specifically designed to handle messages or notifications related to a role named appMaker.

Webhooks are used to send notifications about events happening within the API, such as new messages, conversation updates, or user changes.

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