WhatsApp Account Health

In this document we will show you the best way to build and maintain a quality customer experience for your business.

A report or block against your business can impact your business. It stops your from reaching out to potential customers and your template process.

In order to start a conversation you need to have a template message. Templates are pre-built formatted messages that are used to communicate with customers.

How to get your template message approved:

  1. Follow WhatsApp's Guidelines: Ensure that your template message complies with WhatsApp's policies and guidelines. Guidelines on content, formatting and use of the communication platform shall also be included.

  2. Provide Relevant Information: Your template message should convey relevant information to the customer. Clearness and relevance are crucial, whether it's an update of the product or confirmation of orders or customer support questions.

  3. Avoid Spammy Content: In template messages, WhatsApp prohibits the use of false advertising or promotion content. To ensure a good user experience, keep your messages concise and unintrusive.

  4. Personalize When Possible: In order to increase your engagement, customize your template messages whenever necessary. The conversation can be more meaningful if it addresses the customer by name or provides relevant information.

By following these guidelines, you can increase the chances of getting your template message approved and maintain a healthy WhatsApp account for your business.

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